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“KYOUSEI SYMPHONY” was named after the meaning “Let’s live our lives as we play various instruments together”.  The symphony itself consists of a variety of instruments to complete a piece of music.  The shape, the tone, and the volume of each instrument varies.  Any instrument cannot be missed or the sound shouldn’t be too big to play a good music.  We want to complete our wonderful music in a combination of making the best use of our strength. 
Introduction | Guidance of office
- Work Integration Social Enterprise
 “GAMBA COMPANY” is a local factory where it makes a lot of sweets, such as cookies, cakes and etc. We are making them filled with our love. 
- Art and theatrical activities by disabilities people
- Training of life and vocational skills for disabilities people
- Day care for the elderly
“HAPPY MEAL” is a local shop where it provides hot lunches in a good quality with lots of smiles. 
 “MACHIKADO PROJECT” is a place where people with physical disabilities gather together saying “Let’s have rooms to partake in the town”, “Let’s live as what we are”. 
“CREO COLLEGE” is a place where it nurtures “one’s ability to continue working” and “one’s ability to live in the society” of young people with intellectual disabilities.  We provide them through one’s various experiences, such as academic studies, training for living, leisure activities, and job training.  
“REBORN SWITCH” is a place where it offers pleasure and relaxed atmosphere for people who are not in a mood of getting jobs, or who has few choices to choose in their lives to have a place to escape in the society, which is mainly for people with mental disabilities. 
“YUMETSUKURIYA” is a place where it provides a place mainly for people with intellectual disabilities, especially for whom wants to work at their own pace or whom wants to have less difficulties living in their own town. 
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